• 50 Years

    We have more than 50 years of experience in the specialist field of slip resistance

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  • Wessex Laboratories

    Nuestra experiencia como fabricante avala nuestra mediciones y ensayos.

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  • Pendulum UNE 12633:2003

    Recogido en las exigncias básicas que fija el CTE

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  • Digital form sortware

    New times for technology!

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    Merge onto our laboratory.

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We have more than 50 years of experience

Our experience as a manufacturer & calibrating Pendulums & Tortus guarantees Wessex Test Equipment is a leading manufacturer in this specialist market, exporting and supporting products worldwide.



Pendulum & Tor tus are calibrated every year,so all data are accurate & reliable.


We monthly do correlations between all our teams to maintain excellence and technical accuracy

We have Calibration Laboratory where our technicians review Pendulum and Tortus, comparing daily results.


We have 2 Pendulum & 2 Tortus in our laboratory only for testing correlations.

We have the newest equipment on the market. As manufacturers renew every two years

A network of professionals at your service


Clients Services
We offer slip resistance
tests with our Digital
software and at that
moment the customer can
have it digitally.


Laboratory Testing
All ourpartners
offers slip resistance
test in laboratories.



Test pavements
Over the last 20 years, the has become internationally recognised in the following standards as acceptable for dry testing:
• ISO 10547-17 draft European standard for the determination of coefficient of friction